phoneKid is an Android smartphone, designed to help parents in educating their children on the responsible usage of mobile phones and favouring their digital autonomy in a progressive way. In today´s society, parents consider buying a smartphone for their children at an increasingly younger age; socialising, peer pressure, control or safety concerns, are some of the reasons for this.

phoneKid incorporates “Digital Parental Interaction” a new concept created by Escudo Web Software, which triumphs with the current digital coexistence´s model lived at homes. With this smartphone, children will be safe in the real and virtual world.

Educational organisations can choose the Apps that phoneKid will incorporate from the factory, such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, language learning apps, the school communication platform, digital content learning apps, etc.

phoneKid is a response to the current concerns that many families have, and in particular how the mobile phone has become part of the daily life of adults and children alike. phoneKid turns a potencial problem into a useful and educational solution.



Parental Interaction


Quad-core 1.5GHz 2GB(RAM) + 16GB(ROM)


Android 9


Built-in 2680 mAh (Quick charge)


5.45″ IPS


Wi-Fi Dual Band 2.4/5 GHz


3G + 4G GPS + AGPS


Bluetooth 5.0


Dragon Trail


13MP + 8MP


The Parental Interaction App is free and protects children from potential risks associated with the usage of smartphones, such as social networks and cyber bulling or open access to the Internet, and also educates them in Digital Wellbeing.

Children can have their much craved smartphones and at the same time, parents can have peace of mind, because the child´s security and Digital Wellbeing are guaranteed, thanks to the functions designed for them and incorporated in phoneKid.

Please Listen!

Parents can remotely block a child´s phone screen when they want to get their attention. Just by pressing a button, as if it were a remote control, an image appears on the child´s phone screen indicating the task that the parent would like to be carried out (studying, cleaning their teeth, bath time, meal time, playing, etc.).

Modes of Use

This allows parents to turn phoneKid into what children need at each moment of the day. This could be a camera, a multimedia player … or just a phone. Just by pressing a button, only the apps associated with any specific mode will be available and enabled.


Parents can always locate their children through their app. But, in addition, children have available a SOS button that they can press when in danger or a panic situation. Geolocation can never be disabled on phoneKid.

Family Chat

This is a secure private chat that will allows parents to educate children on how to use messaging or chat apps. At a young age, it is important to learn how to communicate without offending or harming others. It is a necessary tool, so that in the future they will use social networks responsibly and correctly.

And much more…

Complete management of inbound and outbound calls through blacklists and whitelists, Internet Filter and monitoring. And much more…

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